• Thursday, 25. April 2024 02:58

New tool: A list of the best Builds for each classes (PvE / PvP / Leveling / Fun)


Here is our latest tool: A list of the best builds for each classes, created by the community!

Every days, we receive so many requests from players who are looking for builds advice, for levelling, PvP or PvE.

That's why we decided to give the community a chance to share your best builds!

Members of WowIsClassic can post their builds/specializations directly into our tool. Thus, each builds can be submitted to a vote from the community, and the best rated builds will then be sorted and displayed on our website, by classes and categories (Levelling, PvE, PvP, etc...)

You could find the best WoW Classic builds in a glance, such as a Mage/Levelling/Frost/PvE for example, with the skills rotation.

Go ahead, submit your builds and share it with your friends if you want to make it to the front page!

==> Find here a list of the current best talents builds, and share yours! <==

Let us know if you have any feedback, so we can enhance this tool together

How to create and submit your own Build?

  1. Create your build from our Talents Calculator: here
  2. On the Calculator page, click on "Publish", at the bottom of the build page.
  3. This will open a window, allowing you to add a title, a category and a description.
  4. Validate, and then your build will be submitted.
  5. Share your build to your friends and online to get a lot of upvotes!


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