Patch 7.2 Hotfixes: April 21st

Patch 7.2 Hotfixes: April 21st

Apr 21 Guild Master  
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Some pretty minor ones today, with some fixes for artifact trait scaling for Windwalker, Feral, Fire and Shadow specs, cooldown resets for artifact challenges and more! There was also a tweet clarifying how Demon Hunters will be able to get their Warglaives of Azzinoth transmog, considering the requirement to have had the original ones drop.

  • Fixed a bug where some cooldowns were not being reset properly when starting an Artifact Challenge.



  • Lady S’theno’s Watery Grave ability should now knock enemies up, rather than away.
  • Fixed an issue preventing a version of Maximillian from having a mount.
  • Maximillian’s Blessing of Kings should now correctly increase stats.



  • Transferring a character to a new account should no longer remove access to World Quests.

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